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“I should disclose to you that your association with your mom is known as the Oedipus Complex. It’s all around concentrated in the therapeutic diaries, and sexxxxx much was expounded on it in Greek and different social orders and folklores. The child falls frantically enamored with his mom and if the dad is near, the child will drive him off or may even murder the dad to turn into her darling. Dr. Sigmund Freud was the first to perceive this sexual dynamic in people. He conjectured that each male has this obsession, however few ever follow up on it.”

“Mother’s significant other wasn’t my genuine dad, and he is a distant memory and most likely dead from alcohol and medications at this point. However, on the off chance that he at any point returned, he would be in mortal threat from me on the off chance that he challenged to such an extent as to contact her. All in all, what does this all mean?”