SisLovesMe – Big StepSister Loves To Tease Me

Written in very large text with a thick black marker.
She walks over to the nearest tree and with a couple of large drawing pins, pins it to the tree for anyone that comes along to see.

I violently try to escape again, panicking and screaming into the Ceporn gag to please not do this to me.
I look into Katya’s eyes and plead with my eyes for her to please give me mercy and unlock me.

Katya ignores my efforts and holds all the keys up to my face again and says, “I didn’t say you could cum and you did so this is this price.”
She pauses again for a moment as she grabs my bag, showing me all my clothes stuffed inside and makes me watch as she throws all the keys in and zips it shut.
“These will be coming with us. Since you love being in chains so much, you won’t mind will you,” she says with a sadistic smile on her face as she slide my bag with all my clothes and keys in it over her shoulder.